What to do if BullGuard antivirus is restricting mail?

• 08, November 2021

Email service is vulnerable to hackers as they use to send malware embedded links via email. This is the reason that one should have BullGuard antivirus installed on their device. This security software is designed specifically to keep your device completely safe and secure from all kinds of unwanted bugs and programs as well.

What to do if BullGuard antivirus is restricting mail?

BullGuard against Spam Emails

If you are smart enough then you won’t entertain such email and delete it immediately just after it arrives. But what if you are unknown about such hacking tricks? Definitely, you will click on such a link and then, everything on your device will be in the hacker’s hand. Specifically for this, BullGuard comes with an Email spam filter that will take care of your email account and if BullGuard antivirus is restricting mail then, we are here with the exact facts.

Why BullGuard is restricting my mail?

BullGuard antivirus takes care of your devices and email services too. It has an outstanding Email Spam Filter feature. This is the best thing BullGuard has, as it scans each email that arrives in your mail account, and in case, if it finds any bugs in that then, it immediately informs you to take strong action against it. This might be the reason that BullGuard is restricting your mail because it might include malware or virus in it. If you are sure that the email is safe to open or if that email has arrived from a known sender, then open it at your own risk and then, conduct a malware/virus scan in your device.

BullGuard will scan your device for any possible threats, malware, or any kinds of bugs and if it finds anything wrong or suspicious then, it will quarantine that file and will warn you against it. Not only files, but BullGuard has the capability to block a website too if that is not secure or safe to open. These blocked things can be accessed after adding them to Whitelist but at our own risk.

BullGuard suggestion to stay prevented against spam emails

Spammers use all sorts of tricks to get email addresses from paying them so that they can steal them. The approach of the spammer is to accept that the hundreds of thousands, if not of a huge number of their recipients won’t have interest whatsoever in their email.

Tip 1- Avoid it immediately when it comes

BullGuard recommends avoiding spam emails in the first place. There are various ways to block spam from getting into the email inbox. In prevention, the very strong way to protect you against spam is to avoid giving out the email address to unfamiliar or to unknown recipients.

Tip 2- Online shopping with the utmost security

The second thing BullGuard suggests is to shop online but never accept cookies or never click on an unknown link from those sites. It is virtually impossible nowadays to shop online without entering your email address. Not only online, but nowadays you will be asked to enter your email address even in offline stores as well. Doing this will open the door for bulky unsolicited emails which are annoying and some are dangerous too.

Tip 3- Open an email account for online shopping

The wise decision is to deal with such an issue is to open another email account for online shopping only. There are plenty of email services that allow you to create a free account. Use such email services to create another email account and stay prevented from such risky email.

Cannot be avoided:

Spam has become the reputable name for the plenty of unwanted emails that have a promotional message for restricted content, unknown stocks, and other questionable items which clog up inboxes of most of the users who use the internet. And the name is very properly chosen as it is what that no one can avoid spam even it doesn’t matter what.

Email Spam is also known as junk email or bulk email and it can be defined as unsolicited email messages which are sent in bulk quantity. Spamming pays off as there are no using costs beyond the mailing lists management and it is tough to hold the senders accountable for the bulk mailings. Hence, there are lots of spammers and the unsolicited mail amount is increasing continuously.

What does BullGuard Spam Filter do?

The BullGuard Spam Filter is an effective tool or feature that is designed by keeping fighting against a clogged-up inbox. This feature will check all emails in a number of different ways to identify if the email is spam, genuine, or a phishing attempt. With the help of user input, BullGuard Spamfilter is updated constantly to block even the latest known spam.