What to do if BullGuard App crashes frequently?

•19, February 2022

BullGuard antivirus has the capability to secure your device against viruses and malware and another unwanted bug. This security software has a Mobile Security version that will secure your Mobile device, as the name suggests. It will keep your personal stuff including photos, emails, videos, and data safe and secure. In case, if you come to know that BullGuard App is crashing frequently then, there might be some issue behind it.

The reason behind BullGuard App Crashing: Issue Fixed

BullGuard antivirus might get you stuck as the app might start crashing. You have to make sure what the reason behind this issue is. Whether it is crashing after updating the app or, it is just after installing it on your Mobile phone. There might be a possibility that you just have installed an app from an unknown source and just after that BullGuard has started crashing. So, you have to ensure what you have done previously and on the basis of that find the fixing below. We have discussed all possible resolutions of this issue so let's start.

What to do if BullGuard App crashes frequently?

Basic Fixing for BullGuard App Crashing

If there is something temporary error behind the crashing issue then, it will automatically get fixed just after restarting your device. So, first, restart your system and check if it is still crashing.

BullGuard Crashing After Installation

The first solution-

If this happens just after installing BullGuard then, you will need to check the installation process again. Because an incomplete installation might get you stuck and the app starts crashing again and again. In such a case, you will need to uninstall BullGuard from Play Store or just by drag-drop to the uninstall option.

• To do so, you have to open the Play Store and go to the Apps menu and find BullGuard Mobile Security. Choose the option and then, tap on uninstall.
• For direct un-installation, you have to open the App drawer and tap and hold the BullGuard app icon. Now drag it in the Uninstall option that appears on the screen (either down or on the top).

The second one-

There might be a chance that you have installed an updated BullGuard but your Mobile OS has gone old. Well, in that case, the crashing issue is obvious, you have to go to the Settings section and then, find the System Update option. There you have to tap on it to install the new updates of Mobile OS. When it gets installed, you will be asked to reboot the device and at that time, follow the on-screen instruction to finish the update step.

BullGuard Crashing After Update

If you just have updated BullGuard and it is crashing then, you will need to check the update procedure. There might be a possibility that the update procedure has stopped because of a weak connection. In that case, you will need to go to the Play Store and BullGuard there and then, click on Update and then restart your Mobile once to check if there is everything alright.

BullGuard Crashing After Installing an App from Unknown Source

If you are troubled as BullGuard is crashing after installing an app from a link or somewhere else then, there might be instances that your Mobile is infected with malware or virus. In that case, you have to conduct a full scan of your device using BullGuard. If that detects any bug in your device then, you will get an alert. Follow the prompts to deal with that bug and now you are all set.

A Simple Fixing

If BullGuard is troubling you then, you will need to follow the above-given method and if still crashing issue is there then, you have to uninstall the app. after that, restart your device and go to Play Store and install it once again. Set it up properly as doing this will delete any bug or issue that is there with your BullGuard antivirus.

It is always recommended to not install any app or anything from an unknown source as doing this will get you stuck. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and use an updated app all the time to stay prevented from any kind of issue or error.