WhatsApp Security Tips: BullGuard Suggests

• 02, September 2021

WhatsApp has become one of the most used social media platforms across the world. Popularity becomes the reason for privacy vulnerability. It means if you are using a popular website, there will be more chance of getting hacked. As WhatsApp has become the popular social media platform then, there might be a chance that the hackers try to get access to your account to steal the identities of the user’s contacts.

It will allow the cybercriminals to play with the private or sensitive details from the users that can be then used for identity theft. BullGuard suggests a few WhatsApp security tips that will keep your account completely secure against such type of hacking. Before that, we will discuss the exact way through which the scam works and then, will discuss the prevention tips suggested by BullGuard.

WhatsApp Security Tips: BullGuard Suggests

How does the scam work?

You might get a genuine text message unexpectedly from WhatsApp that has a verification code when you have been logged the app out or when you try to login to WhatsApp from a new device. Well, in this case, the fraudsters will enter the phone number into WhatsApp themselves which will try to get into your account. It will activate the verification code text which has been sent to you.

• Following the text email verification code, you will get an email from the WhatsApp contacts and the message will try to convince you into parting with that code which you have just received
• As the message looks like that it has been sent to you from a friend or relative and many people are trapped into sharing the verification code due to which they give their account’s control to the fraudster
• The scammers will use your account in different ways and they will identify your closest contacts and they will decide this by checking the message history and will ask them for the sensitive or money detail.
• They might also get personal information about you and your contacts from the WhatsApp chat. This detail might be used for accessing other sensitive accounts which will target you with more scams and fraud that will blackmail you.
• Scammers will continue the same scam with the new contacts which they have unlocked and get access to more and more accounts.
• WhatsApp users will never share the WhatsApp SMS Verification code with others not even family or friends
• Always be alert of those WhatsApp messages which ask for money even if they are from your contacts and if you aren’t sure then, do a quick call to them to check

In case, if you have given any of your bank details including credit/debit card number then, immediately call the bank and tell them about this so that they can disable your account for a while unless the issue gets fixed.

WhatsApp has grabbed its fair share of the criticism from the law enforcement and governments in which the tough encryption won’t be liked by anyone because they cannot sneak.

• You should try to keep your WhatsApp locked and there are a lot of tools available to do so-
• Go to the phone app/play store and then search for the apps like the WhatsApp Sniffer tool
• Then, you have to open the app and enter the number of the person and wait unless the procedure gets completed
• It will take a few minutes and you just have to click on the “Verify” or similar option
• You will need to access the messages, images, and videos that are stored from the last 30 days

Well, these types of apps will work when both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and both of the devices are close to each other.

WhatsApp Two-Step Verification

Apart from this, users also can set up the two-step verification for additional privacy and security, and for that,

• First of all, open the WhatsApp app on the phone
• Now, tap on the three-dot icon that appears in the upper-right corner
• Go to the Settings and then, go to the Account
• Now, tap on Two-Step Verification and tap on Enable
• This is the time to enter the custom pin and re-enter the custom pin
• Then, tap on Next and enter the email address
• After that, you are done and you will be asked for that pin every time you will access your WhatsApp account.

In addition to these prevent steps, install BullGuard Mobile Security because it won’t allow any virus, internet threat, or malware to enter your Mobile device. If there any exist mistakenly then, BullGuard will notify you about that with the proper action which you should take to get rid of that unwanted bug.