Why BullGuard antivirus is not working in windows 10?

• 13, January 2021

When it comes to securing a device then, nothing can beat the performance of BullGuard antivirus. This security software is designed with the help of advanced security tools that are so powerful and strong enough to fight against advanced viruses, malware, and threats. It has some technical glitches that get you stuck. This security software protects your device and enhances the security of your device. In case, if your BullGuard antivirus is not working on Windows 10 then, it is advisable to fix it immediately because when BullGuard stops working then, your device does in danger. So, resolve your BullGuard antivirus by following a few steps in this guide.

If you just have installed BullGuard antivirus and all of sudden it stops working on your Windows 10 OS then, it is advisable to make sure that the BullGuard installation is properly done at your end. Because sometimes an improper installation stops the service to run on your device and hence checking the installation should be your first step.

Why BullGuard antivirus is not working in windows 10?

Install BullGuard Antivirus Properly

If it isn’t installed properly then, install it properly and maintain the terms and conditions for installing this security software. First of all, check the system requirements for installing this security software and then, remove any existing security software from your device. Even you will need to uninstall the previous BullGuard antivirus from your device from which you were facing the issue. Use the Removal tool to uninstall any security software because a simple uninstallation is not enough as there are some setup files left behind the uninstallation which only gets removed using the removal tool.

When you are done with all these formalities then, you will need to check your network connection. A good network speed required while installation of any software and the same goes with BullGuard antivirus. Now, go to the BullGuard official website and download the installer setup file for the BullGuard antivirus. After that, save it to a familiar location in your device (By default is automatically saved in your downloaded folder).

Now, double-click on the setup file to start the installation procedure and after that, wait for a few minutes so that it can be installed properly. Do not pause the downloading procedure and not even try to refresh the page or refresh the internet connection because this is the reason behind an incomplete installation.

When the BullGuard setup file is installed properly, you will need to open that file and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the further formalities and it is advisable to read the terms and conditions. You can configure the BullGuard settings as per your requirement after installing it.

Now, you can easily use your BullGuard antivirus on your Windows 10, and in case if it is still not working then, you should check the version of your OS, and if any available then update it immediately because there might be an old OS version behind this issue.

How to update Windows 10 operating system?

To ensure that you are using an updated version of Windows 10 with the latest Microsoft Windows updates you will need to follow a few steps given below:

• First of all, go to the Start button and then, Microsoft System Center and then, Software Center
• Here, you will need to navigate the Updates Section menu that appears in the left menu
• After that, click on Install All that appears in the top-right button
• Here, you are all set with Install All that appears in the top-right button
• When the update installation gets completed, you will need to restart the PC when asked by the software.

You will need to open Start and then, click on the Settings Icon and then, go to Update and Security and check for updates. If you will get a message that the device is up to date then, you will see all the available updates which are available.

Now, the problem should be fixed and you can use your BullGuard antivirus without any issue and if you are facing the same issue or experiencing some other with your BullGuard Antivirus then, call BullGuard Support Number UK and get in touch with the technical team for instant resolution for that particular error.