Why BullGuard has blocked the Salad miner folder?

• 30, September 2021

BullGuard takes care of your device and hence, it will use the Firewall feature to block such files, folders, apps, software, and websites that aren’t safe for your device’s privacy. BullGuard users sometimes get stuck when there is a folder blocked by the security suite. Although it has rare false-positive cases, somewhere if you find that it has blocked any folder then, you have the facility to add it to the Whitelist.

BullGuard behind Blocking Websites

Now, the question arises that why BullGuard is blocking a file or folder? And the answer is very simple that there might be malware or virus existence in the files or folder. When this security software detects bugs in any files or apps then, it will block that program so that no one can have access to that because it might harm your PC. Even it is the website, apps, or any folder, a single mistake can ruin everything. If you think that BullGuard has blocked the Salad miner folder but it is safe to open then, all you need to do is to add it to Whitelist.

Why BullGuard has blocked the Salad miner folder?

Steps to add Salad Folder to Whitelist in BullGuard

You can add a Salad folder and for that, all you have to do is to follow a few steps mentioned below-

• Open BullGuard and this will be the main screen which is presented within the BullGuard and the base of virus-fighting operations
• Navigate to the Settings and to access the BullGuard antivirus settings, you will need to click on the down arrow that is appeared within the ‘Antivirus’ area and after that, a drop-down list will be opened
• From there, you have to click on ‘Settings’ and when you clicked on ‘Settings’, the antivirus setting will pop up, and from there, choose the Settings option again
• To see the BullGuard Settings, click on ‘Advanced’ that will be appeared on the upper-right corner of the screen that will appear beside ‘Basic’ and there are a lot of other settings that will appear
• Click on the ‘Tuning’ option. When you clicked on ‘Advanced’ different antivirus settings will then appear. That is the only place from where you can find ‘Tuning’ on the bottom-left of the screen

Check Skip Folders and Files. Once you are done by clicking on ‘Tuning’ the antivirus exclusion setting will appear on the screen. From there, you have to check the ‘Skip files/folders and then, click on ‘files/folder’ that will appear beside ‘skip files/folder’

• Add an exclusion and when you click on the files/folders, the exclusion for that particular part will then show up, and then click on the ‘+’ option for adding an exclusion
• Adding salad as an exception in BullGuard after clicking on ‘+’ you will need to locate the Salad miner folder and choose it
• For choosing it, the paths should be “C:\Users\YourUserHere\AppData\Roaming\Salad” and then, click on Ok
• When you got your Salad Miner folder and click on Ok, you will be redirected back to the main exclusion page of the BullGuard page with the newly added exclusion. Click on Ok and run the Salad

What does BullGuard Firewall Do?

BullGuard Firewall is an unmatched intrusion system of recognizing threats and malware that is created to keep the computer secure from network attacks. The firewall provides security against various types of threats and also changes to minimize or maximize the security level based on the user requirement. BullGuard Firewall is a combination of Internet security and it provides comprehensive control of the network connection and allows you to create the firewall settings when you need it.